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Publishing the files

Since I’m no longer actively working on the project, I tought I’d release the code, the fritzing sketches for the wiring and the svg for the case.

It’s not perfect, not polished, but it IS in working condition.


SVG’s for lasercutting the case (+ file for the plexiglass toplayer)

Arduino code (revision 3.0)

Fritzing sketch of the wiring

SVG Version of the logo

Parts required:

Some links are probably no longer available for purchase, but you get the idea of what parts I used. If there is no link, the parts I purchased are no longer on sale from where I bought them (probably aliexpress or


first lasercut prototype

I am happy to announce that today I created the first lasercut prototype of the arcaduino :).

It still has a few things I want to change, but the project is now a big step closer to it’s goal.

Here are some pictures of the prototype:

WP_20140319_003WP_20140319_001 WP_20140319_002 WP_20140319_005  WP_20140319_008






Still alive and kicking

Hello all, time for a quick update:

Last week-end I took my prototype arcaduino to a lanparty and received some good feedback! It’s now time to take it to the next step: prototype #2.

I have an appointment at to see if they can help me design and lasercut the next prototype. I will post pictures when I have something :).
I also tried my best at inkscape to design a logo that will be engraved in the board.








Let’s hope this project can become a reality soon!



Turns out that having somebody professionally design the board is quite expencive. Too expencive for me anyway. So I’m back to square 1 with the design :(


I will give it a try to draw something up myself, and hopefully it will work. I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes.

Update: Arcaduino rev.2

Arcaduino rev.2 is finished.

The arcaduino code now supports a toggle switch that changes the function of the joystick. You can now choose between sending keys, or moving the mouse.

The buttons can also be programmed to be mouse clicks (this requires re-flashing the arduino).


I’ve ordered some parts, which should arrive in the next few weeks, planning is to build a prototype when everything has arrived. Stay tuned!